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Introduction: Inspired Writing

I frequently use sound and music to bring me into a state of awareness to listen to the Divine. During the time after the sound, a deep silence occurs. In the middle of this silence is where the understanding and wisdom comes forth, without my prompting. This is the purpose of my blog. I wish to share what has been coming to me, from this deep place. The more I spend time in this space, the more natural this wisdom becomes, where I no longer need the sound to get me there. Sometimes the wisdom comes when I am doing errands and not even paying attention to listening. It’s a practice in feeling the flow of the Spirit, becoming the instrument, and allowing myself to be “played”. The music I compose also can come from this deep place. Here is a reflection about one of my songs, “Revive Me”.

About “Revive Me”

“I pray at the piano to help me get out of my thinking mind and into the state of listening to the Divine Voice. This song came out naturally during one of these prayer spaces. I was struggling with an autoimmune issue at the time that was taking over my life and making me insecure about my body. The words seemed to come to me from a deep place, a calling out to God to revive me and reconnect me to my true being, beyond the body, and before the world began – a place where everything is healed and at peace.”