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Artist Statement

Several years ago, I had a profound near death experience dream. I was immersed in a living, liquid, and luminous Light, surpassing all understanding. The ecstasy was so immense and deep, that my soul was overjoyed with tears of gratitude and joy. Streams of Living Water Light poured over me, through me, and beyond me, filling me with the most indescribable and profound Love, Peace, and Joy. I reached into the Light with tears of shear Joy for this respite from the stress and worry of life, thanking God for this gift. Off to the right and above me, I saw a whirlpool of Light, spinning and churning the streams of Light and Love. I understood that the “Creator/Source/Father/Mother” was the originator of the Love and Light and was contained within and beyond this spiral. I understood that this “God Creator” was my Father and Mother, a relationship that felt so familiar and full of agape Love that surpassed anything we experience in our world. The more I focused on the light in the spiral, the smaller the memories of life on earth became until my life and identity disappeared completely and I became one with the Family, beyond time and understanding. I remained there for what seemed like a “no time” eternity.

In a flash, I found myself standing on a stage in front of a crowd of people who seemed in a hazy purple fog. I was proclaiming a message to them about salvation. There was a man standing behind me telling me what to say however I was the only one who could see him. A woman came to me and handed me a cloth with writing on it that said, “God loves you.” This last message hit my heart so profoundly that it woke me up. For months afterward, I was in a daze and walking on air. The world looked so different, like it was illuminated with new colors and love was everywhere. I went around hugging everyone. My life after this experience made a huge turn. I was given a deep love for humanity that became my motivation and passion, to share the Love of God with everyone using the gifts that I have been given.

My hope is that my artistry and spiritual gifts will be a catalyst to remembering God and who we truly are, as the precious sons and daughters of God, the Divine Light, the Living Water, that flows within and through each one of us beyond any constructs we have created in this world. Our mission is to remember this Light and extend Love into the world. My wish and prayer is that we will know in a deep way that we are loved, always and forever!

“Living Water”

by Michele Addino-Colchin

This piece and its accompanying song,“Outpouring of the Holy Spirit” aka “The Water Song”, were both inspired by this experience.