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A collection of songs that reflect the ebb and flow of the spiritual life, the dark night of the soul and the indwelling of the Light. Works well for personal reflection as well as ministry settings.

The Story behind the Music:

Many years ago, I had a near death experience within a dream. I was immersed in a waterfall of Light, streams of Living Water poured over me and through me. Contained within this Living Water was Love, Peace, and unbridled Joy. My life disappeared and all that was left was a Love, so deep I cannot describe it. After being brought back to this world, my heart ached to go back to this Light. It created a grieving for God, a yearning that grew deeper as each year passed. This album is a reflection of that longing as well as a solution to help me go back to that peaceful place. “A Course in Miracles” has been a personal spiritual journey and guide for me over the years, especially when dealing with a chronic health condition. As a musician, I began to incorporate the mantras from the workbook of “A Course in Miracles” into my daily prayer at the piano. This album is the result of that prayer. I have performed this music at various events in Christian, Unity, and “A Course in Miracles” venues and it always amazes me how the power of a mantra or refrain in a song can unify and empower us.