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A two album collection of intuitive angel healing music inspired by the artwork of Linda Barry. Great for calming, quiet, and peaceful times as well as balancing and healing.

The Story behind the Music:

At a women’s retreat in Toledo, Ohio, I saw the angel artwork of artist Linda Barry and was astounded. Linda was there presenting her work and had her angels surrounding us. When I met her, I said, “These are so beautiful. I think I can make these angels sing!” She responded, “I know.” We decided from that moment that we were going to collaborate on this project. She allowed me to take her original drawings into the recording studio and gaze at them as I improvised these pieces. We planned on doing some concerts together, however Linda suddenly passed away. Her daughter Megan and I brought the angels to several concert and retreat venues with much success. We continue to ponder how to welcome this project in the future. The music on this album stands on its own, continuing to resonate with those from all spiritual paths and brings forth a mystical and angelic realm that reminds us of home.