About the Album, “Angels Among Us”


           During one of my visits to Elizabeths House in Toledo, Ohio, I was surrounded with the most beautiful and inspired angel drawings I had ever seen. When I met Linda Barry, the artist, I remarked, “I can sing these.” She responded, “I know.” From that moment on, Linda and I knew that it was divine providence that brought us together and decided to collaborate. Shortly afterward, Linda suddenly passed away.       

           At first I wasn’t sure if further collaboration was meant to be, but then with prompting from Megan Ellis, Linda’s daughter and the women at Elizabeth’s house, I began this project with much love and admiration for our friend who was now guiding us from a higher place. Although this album focuses on fourteen angels, Linda created over sixty of them. Linda said that these angels came to visit her through her art and likewise they made their presence known through my music. Our hope together is that all who encounter these angels find awakening, solace, courage, joy, clarity, hope etc. and will be brought to a greater awareness of who they are and their connection with the Divine.
About The Artist, Linda Barry
         Linda Barry discovered the joy of artistic creativity at the early age of five. Creative expression became an integral part of her life from then on until her passing in 2010. Linda used many mediums to create her works of art, however she was especially fond of creating pieces with the use of graphite pencil. One of Linda’s most important dreams was to share her work with others especially when these angels started to emerge through her work in 2008. These angels radiate messages of love for all and at times carry messages directly intended for a specific individual. Whether an angel came proclaiming someone’s name while Linda worked or the piece had been commissioned on request, they came ‘flying’ in with meaningful messages. It was then that Linda asked her daughter, Megan, to help her get the message of the angels to the world. It is now with great honor and pleasure that Megan continues to carry her mother’s desire forward, bringing these beautiful angels with messages of Love and Hope into the world.
(Pictured Above Linda Barry and her daughter, Megan Ellis)